Intensive driving course finished

Congratulations you’ve passed.

Welcome to our training and development website for  help with your car and driving continuation training.

If you have not yet thought about taking the pass plus then please give it some thought, alternatively consider  motorway or night driving lessons, these skills are worth looking into and could help keep you safe in the future.

Links to further driver training will appear on this website and take you to information that might help you in considering your options.

Above all drive safely and within your abilities.

Your car

Also on this site are links to products and services that we know as a car owner you will probably need.

The links come from online advertisers which we hope will save you time and money.

So lets get started on your new adventure.

Not yet taking lessons?  then please visit our intensive driving course website for information on our driving courses. Click Here

Further driver training and is it important.

Quick answer will always be yes, but what training is worth taking on?

Well understanding your vehicle and all UK roads has to be the starting place so that brings us to motorway driving.

Motorway driver training is very important, going on roads where vehicles are driving in excess of 70 mph and whilst over taking being overtaken is something that perhaps you might look at experiencing initially with a driving instructor.

Its ok to be unsure and nervous of new experiences we all are and in one way or another. Knowledge and experience will help you deal with the nerves.

I have a saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” and after passing your test there is a lot you don’t know or have not yet experienced. please visit our car driving page for help and advice on car driving.

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